About Spartan


Spartan Sport Sciences is the fastest growing sports nutrition supplements brand in the world. We sell in many countries around the world providing quality Products. We pride ourselves in giving our Clients with a real choice of products and a satisfying client service.

Set up in 2014, with the goal of being the top supplement provider in the world. We have grown every year becoming not just the leading manufacturer, but expanding into the high street while growing our business to serve the globe.

At Spartan Sport Sciences we stock a wide range of high-quality bodybuilding supplements at unbeatable prices. Whether your aim is to add muscle whilst simultaneously reducing body fat, or whether it is to become an out and out muscle mass monster – we have supplements for every goal.


When it comes to the quality of our products we never compromise. We don’t, and never will!! Just like we know that you would not when it comes to choosing what fuels your body! We prefer to work with fewer suppliers compare to other companies and tend to build long-term relationships with them. In this way, not only do we get the best prices, but we can absolutely guarantee the quality of every product we sell.

Our sports nutrition supplements have been conveniently categorised to help you understand which products are best suited for achieving your goals.

Whether you are looking for Protein shakes, Creatine, amino acids or weight gainers  – Spartan Sport Sciences has it all and simply will not be beaten on price, quality or service. Spartan Sport Sciences sports nutrition supplements offer’s a cost-effective and convenient alternative to other food sources.